Robin Ward shares a tale of frustration about trying to connect a Microsoft IIS Web server to a BEA Weblogic application server using Java RMI (Remote Method Invocation), a plan he undertook because XML-RPC wasn't supporting more than 50 concurrent users: It's at times like these that I wish corporations were less selfish about their standards. Yes, standards are a good thing, but they're a blatant waste of time if you try to monopolize them. I was screwed over by two companies in this respect: Microsoft for their ... read more

I just submitted a column to Linux Magazine on JXTA, the open source XML-based peer-to-peer architecture developed by Sun. The JXTA site's tutorials section includes a really nice 140-page PDF tutorial for people just getting started on the subject: Project JXTA 2.0: Java Programmers Guide. Before beginning the column, I had no idea that JXTA was language agnostic. The only thing it has to do with Java is the fact that the reference implementation -- a 528-class, 88-package monster -- is written in the language. ... read more

I just finished a 3,500-word column on Naked Objects for an upcoming issue of Linux Magazine. Naked Objects, unveiled at OOPSLA in November 2002, is a groovy open source framework for developing Java software that exposes objects and their methods directly to users. Using reflection, the objects and their methods are discovered and made available in a generic user interface (screenshot). The goal is to create software that consists of "behaviorally complete" objects which genuinely embody the principles of ... read more

At second glance, the Java Outline Editor is a nice outliner. I used the program to write my latest Java Matters column for Linux Magazine and I've been writing a lot of Radio UserLand Kick Start with Radio's outliner. I'm coming around to the idea that an outliner is a superior writing environment to word-processing software. I assemble these 2,000- to 2,500-word columns over several days with a lot of jumping between a Web browser, Java editor, command line, and the piece. I'm frequently moving things around ... read more

Jon Tirsen offers some advice for how to write good unit tests. Although his examples make use of JUnit, the popular testing library for Java, they apply to any kind of unit testing. ... read more

At first glance, the Java Outline Editor (JOE) looks like a suitable choice for editing OPML link directories and other outlines. The program supports the addition or deletion of any attributes to each outline item, enabling link directories to be created by adding type and url attributes (screenshot). It isn't as easy as using Radio, where you can hit CTRL-K or CMD-K to add a link to any title, but there may be a way to extend the functionality that I haven't found yet. Note: JOE has the same problem with ... read more

For years, Java.Sun.Com has been Sun's official home page for the Java programming language, offering developer downloads, documentation, support, and lots of evangelization. The more obvious domain, Java.Com, was owned by a third party and no site was published there. At some point, Sun got its hands on the domain, as shown by the new Web site launched at Java.Com to sell consumers on the benefits of the language -- one of which is apparently Christina Aguilera. As Sun reveals, Java fulfills the promise of "Write ... read more