Paul Stamatiou pens an extremely detailed article on how to make the most of Black Friday, the annual day in which Americans race to stores before dawn to resupply themselves with enough consumer goods to last the winter.

I have simpler advice for how to make the most of Black Friday: Don't go shopping.

I'm a recovering doorbuster who has been clean for two years. As I told a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, I decided that no price was too high to avoid standing armpit-deep in a crowd of unwashed computer aficionados at the Jacksonville CompUSA, each of us delicating balancing our free 100-pack of blank CDs, seven-in-one digital camera card reader and a reasonably priced name brand laser printer/scanner.

-- Rogers Cadenhead


Stop the Shopocalypse!


It appears this may in fact be a record Black Friday...

Perhaps Cadenhead is out shopping.


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