The RSS Advisory Board proposal to recommend the Feed Validator has passed 8-0, with members Meg Hourihan, Jenny Levine, Eric Lunt, Ross Mayfield, Randy Charles Morin, Greg Reinacker, Dave Sifry and myself voting in favor.

The Feed Validator tests syndicated documents for adherence to the specification and provides other warnings that are helpful when publishing a feed for the first time.

It supports the three formats in wide use today -- Really Simple Syndication, RDF Site Summary and Atom -- and is an open source project that takes bug reports and suggested patches from the public.

Kudos to lead developers Sam Ruby, Mark Pilgrim, Joseph Walton and Phil Ringnalda for their work the past three years on the project.

-- Rogers Cadenhead


Thanks for the Feed Validator -- as simple as RSS is, the validator is an immense help for people programming to it.


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