I bought a text ad on Google yesterday for the search term Mark Felt, wondering how many people would hit the search engine for more information on the deep-throated stool pigeon:

Chasing Mark Felt
How a 19-Year-Old College Student
Unmasked Watergate Source in 1999

The result: 525 clicks on 14,260 impressions, which cost me $26.22 (5 cents per click). Though at first my ad had no competition, by the end of the day, it was joined by ads from NPR, Kentucky Fried Cruelty, and the Washington Post, which you'd think has all the publicity it needs for this particular story.

-- Rogers Cadenhead


Interesting experiment - not only the data you saw, but the fact that the Washington Post jumped on the bandwagon - yea, you have to wonder why they felt the need to do that?!? ;-)


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