An e-mail from a reader of Sams Teach Yourself Java 2 in 24 Hours:

i really enjoyed reading what you wrote and especially the way you wrote it!! all i want to know now is how i can make a virus because some of my pals are bugging me and i'm really pissed! and like you i feel that i'd rather be georgia vs. mafiaboy !! thanks again and please send me a repley as soon as possible and please please make sure to include a virus making "formula in it". bye

-- Rogers Cadenhead


I will agree with this guy that the book is excellent. My Java class in college used the book as a text. However, for a fan of writing, he doesn't seem to be much of one himself.


The only comment I can summon up is...


P.S. Note to self. Do NOT write an ill considered fan letter to Rogers Cadenhead.





I want to see the reply you wrote.



Get urself nomans virus creater

works realy good ;)


do all your stuff


snoop dog he is the one and only


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