A funny video is making the rounds of a school choir performing Nintendo themes:

This next song needs a little bit of introduction. Keeping with the experimental nature of Redefined we decided that we would now do what some might consider an art piece. It's a little older than some of the music we've already sung today, and it's all original work from Japan. So I hope that you can all listen with open minds, and if you'll give me one second I need to boot it up.

Nintendo Choir Sings TetrisThe choir does a really nice Tetris, complete with falling blocks in L, S, and T shapes, and the Legend of Zelda swordfight scene is practically Shakespearean.

Some digging reveals that Redefined is an 18-member ensemble at the University of Wisconsin that kicks major a cappella ass.

They're auctioning off the last few copies of the CD that includes the "Redefined Nintendo" video on EBay.

-- Rogers Cadenhead

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