On March 31, SoapCity is cancelling a great TV subscription service: commercial-free program downloads.

The service, which required Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player, offered shows from the last four weeks for download over the Web, charging $9.95 a month or $1.99 per episode. Digital-rights management expired the files after four weeks.

Considering the popularity of TV show DVDs and illegally traded episodes on file-sharing services, it seems like a no-brainer to milk a few more dollars from viewers over the Web. No reason is provided for the shutdown.

I thought that the Internet had freed me from years of television addiction, but wasn't prepared when TV followed me here. After experimenting with SoapCity a few times solely to judge its technical merits, I became hooked on As the World Turns and Sarah Brown.

I hope she can beat those drug charges back in El Paso and keep sleeping her way across Oakdale until she finds a suitable father for JJ.

-- Rogers Cadenhead


Days of our Lives

Hope hears Bo talking about his love for another woman. Is he talking about Billie?

Too much. Very funny after reading your comments.


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