Radio UserLand Kick Start: Summary

This is part of the book Radio UserLand Kick Start by Rogers Cadenhead, published by Sams Publishing


Radio UserLand's weblog editor is built atop a sophisticated content management system that can be used on any kind of Web content, not just weblogs.

Writing a story outside of Radio is a good way to begin looking at the inner workings of this "printing press." Web pages created with Radio can pull content from its database files, convert XML data and other forms into HTML, and contain the output of scripts that run each time a page needs to be published.

I'm using the software to publish a technology weblog, Workbench, at In less than a year, the site has taken on 360 pages, 550 weblog entries, and a life of its own.

Visit the weblog for source code, example files, and other material for readers of this book.

Chapter 2:

  1. Introduction
  2. Starting Your Own Weblog
  3. Writing a Weblog Entry
  4. Editing an Entry
  5. Writing a Story
  6. Editing Your Preferences
  7. Summary

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