A Kvikkalkul to C Translator

The first project to be created after Kvikkalkul returned to the public eye in 1994 was kvik, a "Kvikkalkul Compiler" by Asher Hoskins, whose e-mail address at the time was ukrhosk@prl.philips.co.uk.

Download the translator as a .ZIP archive

Here's what Asher had to say about his work when it was originally released:

A few weeks ago somebody posted a description of a Swedish military programming language called Kvikkalkul to alt.folklore.computers. The posting was probably a troll but I was feeling silly so I decided to write a compiler for it. The compiler translates the code into C.

The start of the original Kvikkalkul news posting contained dire warnings about what would happen to anyone who was caught in possession of the information in Sweden - you've been warned! :-)

This compiler has so far been tested on a Sun386i running SunOS 4.0.2 and a SPARCstation IPX running SunOS 4.1.3_U1, I've no idea whether it'll run on anything else, let me know if there are any hacks necessary to compile it for other systems.

The directories:

  • kviksrc: Assorted Kvikkalkul source code.
  • src: The compiler source, look in its README file for information on making and running the compiler.
  • text: Assorted text files. Mostly notes I made during development, but includes a list of all standard library routines and the two news postings that brought knowledge of kvikkalkul to the world (the first of which, 'posting1', is a useful Kvikkalkul manual).

I haven't found any bugs in this version, but somebody probably will ...

If you do could you please mail me?

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